We at Cornerstone Fellowship Church believe in all types of worship, song and praise dance. Different acts of worship can include (Scripture References: Isaiah 6:1-6; Exodus 15:11; Psalms 148:1-14):

  1. Bringing forward an offering to God is an act of worship (qarab).
  2. Bending the knee or bowing in reference to God is also worship and an outward display of an inner attitude of reference (hawa).
  3. Lifting up a hand or song or even sitting in God’s presence can be worship (rûm).
  4. Worship could also be described as “serving” God (abad). The ritual life of devotion was emblematic of a whole life given over to God.
  5. Celebrating God is worship. The Hebrew verb halal could be used to designate the act of celebrating God. The word “hallelujah” is derived from the Hebrew phrase meaning “praise Yahweh.”
  6. Singing to God is also worship (zamar).

Whether you are bringing an offering to God, kneeling before God, singing, lifting up your hands, celebrating what God has done for you, sitting in his presence quietly in reverence, serving in the church or community, or serving God with your whole life, as long as you do them unto the Lord, this is worship. All forms of worship are accepted at Cornerstone Fellowship Church.