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Prophetic team, Peter and Lori Whitehouse will be at Cornerstone this coming Sunday Morning (the 8th) 10 AM. These folks have been in ministry for a long while & are noted for having a very strong prophetic anointing! 
I sure hope you can come out and be blessed as they minister a fresh word that God has put on their hearts & perhaps a word or healing for you!!



Where: Cornerstone Fellowship

When Wednesday Night 09/20/2017 @ 7pm

What is Power Evangelism?

In the year 2000, Rev. Humberto and Rev. George began to minister as a team, ministering in several cities.  Their ministry is commonly referred to as “Power Evangelism”, as the Holy Spirit moves in the meetings.  Healing occurs to individuals and many are “slain in the Spirit” during ministry.  They are very humble servants and you will often hear them say, “We do NOT do the healing or slaying in the Spirit, as that is HIS work; we only pray, speak and expect the miracles to happen.

If you are one whom Satan has bound, now is the time to be loosed through the power of Almighty God.  Whether it be health, financial, or emotional, or any other healing that is needed in your life—now is the time to be set FREE!

Rev. Humberto  De Leon –  a former professional wrestler, a Texas Ranger, bounty hunter. Everything changed when Humberto met Jesus and was called into ministry in 1981.  God told Humberto it was time to stop breaking people and start fixing them. Humberto has served Our Lord preaching, teaching and holding healing services operated by the Holy Spirit ever since God spoke to him.

Rev. George Griffith – a former farmer, Navy/Korean War Vet, and 30-year CHiP (California Highway Patrol) retiring as a Lieutenant. Worked 10 years for the National Insurance Crime Bureau and is presently an evaluator of training of college cadets.  After coming to Christ on July 4, 1967 held positions of V.P., President of local chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (FGBMF).  Currently, pastors Church of the First Born, as well as speaking throughout America in different cities.

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Update on Pastor Mike

OK well I guess the cats out of the bag that I’m out of the hospital!!! (Foxy I said tell the church not FB….)

Briefly now, more later: it’s like I turned a big corner about a week ago & needed less & less oxygen =) Boston left us with the thought that I would need to be in a facility that could deliver very specific Hi-Flo oxygen for weeks or months. Well 2 weeks to the day my need is low enough that I can leave the hospital!


I am still easily winded & need constant O2 but this is nothing less than a miracle! I’m at my daughters while volunteers are removing moldy sheet rock & creating safe places for me to be. Some of the donation money is being used for materials, thanks so much to those who were able to contribute.


Seeing no one knows what caused this or why is stopped it’s ravaging of my lungs, my family wants me to be very careful where I go & what i do, well the doctors do too……


I again cannot thank everyone enough for all the support! Prayer, positive thoughts, finances, the churches that took offerings, North Hoosick FD, HF Rescue Squad, my church, my family, so much behind the scenes help, keeping the church running, musicians that came to help out!! …… I never should have started this list because I will forget some important stuff!!

Here I go … the staff at Bennington for quickly getting me to AMC ICU, AMC getting me to Brigham & Womans lung transplant team, the the staff there for a very thorough head to toe sequence of tests & procedures!!!


I have made many friends at all the facilities!! Going back to visit as Chaplin this time, NOT as a patient!!


OK still not unpacked, just stopped to eat & saw all the commotion & thought I needed to confirm the fact that I AM OUT!!!!!

More later, love to everyone!!




Mike made the Long trip yesterday by Ambulance and is now back in Albany Med… He said he was just tired today, but expected to be much better tomorrow after getting a good nights sleep… 


Mike Benoit 



Great update: only 1 obstacle left, a room! Insurance is go, Albany Med is go, my unit Doctors & lung team here are signed off & a go, Hoosick Falls rescue squad ride is ready to roll!! & Lois & I are happy campers!

W know a room can take a long while, but knowing this stay in Boston is not permanent brings GREAT relieve for us. Just pray His timing not ours 😉

BTW I’m feeling better every day!! Down to 1 oxygen mask when I walk =)

Words wear thin quickly as I consider how to employ them to describe my feelings for everyone who has supported in any & every way through this time! I am not worthy but wonderfully appreciative of you all! Love to everyone.

Mike & Lois


Mike Benoit


OK Doctor’s came in, my lungs are improving, oxygen staying in 90’s most of the time, so they are going to try me on just the mask for 4.5 hours, if that goes good they will put in for the transfer ?


Mike Benoit

Yesterday at 12:42pm ·

OK doctors said that they don’t see insurance as the issue if i go by land. Might not be Albany Med., perhaps a step down facility but???
They are going to put me on a mask today for 2 hours while I’m not active & if i am fine like that they will be satisfied that I can make the 4 hour ambulance trip =) Care coordinators are out today so nothing more until tomorrow.

Pastor Mike is waiting to be transfered back to Albany Medical Center. His last message was ” the room is ready ans just waiting on the insurance ok to fly him back to Albany”   


If you would like to help the family with the enormous expenses please go here; .gofundme.com/support-pastor-mike-benoit-family


Pastor Mike is showing some signs of improvement. Pastor Mike received a good report from Pulmonary Doctor today, His oxygen levels have improved from being on 100% down to 60-70% oxgen. Which means that he is starting to need less oxgen over past 2 days. We are not out of the woods as of yet. If he continues to improve they will not transfer him to Boston. Currently the transfer is on hold pending his progress. Dad says he will email with more details soon….So let’s continue to pray, We know the Lord is miraculous. Love and blessings, the Benoit family ?


01/24/2017   Update from Pastor Mike;  As of this moment Albany Med called Boston and they still have no ICU Beds available, however they are stepping him down from 100% oxygen periodically  to see how he is doing and so far he says he is doing pretty good…. God is awesome and healing him.


If you would like to help the family with the enormous expenses please go here; .gofundme.com/support-pastor-mike-benoit-family


As some of you already know, Pastor Mike of Cornerstone Fellowship in Hoosick Falls, has been in the hospital for a week with pulmonary issues. After many tests in Bennington hospital he was transferred to Albany Medical Center. The doctors have performed additional tests and determined that he has intestinal lung disease. With this lung disease there are 163 different types and which one he actually has, they do not know because they are unable to perform a biopsy due to the fragility of his lungs.

Over the past few days his condition has deteriorated and as of tonight they are looking at transferring him to either Columbia Med in New York City, Pittsburgh Hospital, or Mass General in Boston. Once there, they will start performing tests on him to determine if he is a candidate for a lung transplant. This decision was made after having a rough night and him not responding to treatment. As soon as he was taken off the oxygen, he said “he felt like a fish out of water”. We are asking for prayer because he’s in for a very, very long road ahead. He remains is good spirits and is optimistic about getting through this without a transplant but In the meantime, please keep him and his family in prayer during this very stressful time.

Mike’s daughter Alisha is spending as much time as she can with him as his Patient Advocate, as she is taking unpaid family medical leave from her job for the duration.

Lois has been spending as much time as possible with her husband in prayer and in love. Seeing them together you can tell that there is a love between that has grown and blossomed.

As much as Pastor Mike would love to talk to each and every one, he needs his rest.

If you need any further information please feel free to contact Tom @ 1-802-733-3938 (preferably text) or Laura @ 1-518-944-4971. Our goal is to provide updates in the next few days as to how he’s doing, they will be short updates. Again, we ask you to keep Pastor Mike and family in deep prayer for his healing and for the wisdom of his doctors.

Cornerstone Fellowship Church will be open evenings at 5:00 pm for the next few days. If you are compelled to come to the church and pray, all are welcome. There will be a staff member on site, they will be able to fill you in on Pastor Mike. More than anything we appreciate you coming in and praying with us and having total faith and belief that our Pastor Mike will be healed.

God bless and thank you all for your continued support during these intense circumstance.


If you would like to help the family with the enormous expenses please go here; .gofundme.com/support-pastor-mike-benoit-family

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