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Prophetic Corner

Fill me

I see His light and His light is magnified
I feel His love and know that he is with me
I continue to seek Him; he cleanses me of my unholiness, forming me into his beautiful creation. He fills me with his presence, cutting off my own unrighteousness. He takes me out of my own flesh, moving me with his uprooting, purifying my well from the poison that has consumed me from the beginning of my breath. He is and always will be my one and only true love. I keep my eyes focused solely on him and in my heart, rejoicing, beating with his rhythm. My mind filled with his memories; with his wisdom; with his way of this life. For I am, who he is making of me. My deep affection towards him continues to grow indefinitely like the seed to which he has watered within my spirit.

Will I fall short? Will I lay down to myself because of my short comings, because of my free choice? Or will I continue to pursue him? Pressing in each day, repenting of my wrong doings and enduring the storms, following his plan, his provision for me?

Like grapes in a wine press I want to be reconditioned so that my own lips will become fragrant and my soul transparent. Lord fill me and pour me out and use me as your vessel into this world so that everyone can hear your gospel and witness your love, power and justice just as those have done before me.


© Lorraine Goodwin 6/21/18  (Inspired through the Holy Spirit)

Woven into the Spirit


The day I was delivered upon this earth, I was already woven into the Spirit through my heavenly Father. I have always known to be woven into the Spirit because of my Father’s love for me that He so graciously has given to me. He has always carried me.

  Even when I, a sinner had turned away from Him. I am God’s child. He protects me, comforts me, taking care of me. He corrects me and guides me in all of His ways. His love for me is endless. I will give Him all of my of praise and all of my thanks for all my living days and forever more. I am nothing without Him. I am woven into the Spirit.


©Lorraine Goodwin 6/20/18 (Inspired through the Holy Spirit)

Children of God here my words for I the Lord your God proclaim on this day that you humble yourselves, repent and turn away from your inequities. For the the days are being shortened and your time here on earth is coming to an end. The judgment of your Lord is upon you. Out of the womb you come and out of this world you will leave.
So saith the Lord

© Lorraine Goodwin 06/18/2018

Is it wrong to judge others?

Written by Lorraine Goodwin  6/16/18 (inspired through the Holy Spirit)



Judgment.. is it wrong to judge others?
Yes and no. We have been given laws by man and laws by God. Yes we need to follow man’s law to keep order in this world that we live in. But our Heavenly Father too has given us laws to obey. But why has He done so? The answer is quite simple. So that we can keep order in our own self. 
“For though I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit and delight to see how disciplined you are and how firm your faith in Christ is” ( Colossians 2:5). 

The problem today is that we have taken God out of our own sense of mind and replaced our thinking process with the ways of man’s overriding the word of God. Now I am not saying to disregard man’s word altogether. But we must know how to discern what is truth, fair and justified of that of which goes hand in hand with God’s word or will we continue to be consumed by the lies that go hand in hand of Satan who corrupts (destroys) the mind of man’s thinking process. In order to discern the truth we must first understand God’s word and what Jesus really meant by “Do not judge others”.

 In Luke 6:37; Jesus says “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven”

But if we look at John 7:24; Jesus says “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
So is Jesus contradicting himself?  Certainly not. So then we must realize that what He is telling us is that there are two kinds of judgment. The right way and the wrong way.  Righteous judgment is God’s thinking not man’s thinking. So what is the right way of judgment? 

First, you need to get right with God now. Go to Him and confess your wrongful thinking. Accept Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Savior. Believe into Him and follow Jesus.

Second, read your bible daily. This is how you can come to know Jesus and God’s view of thinking.

Thirdly, use discernment. It’s the ability to judge well, to decide between truth and error. Remember Righteous judgment is God’s logic not man’s way of thinking.

So now what is the wrong way of judgment?

Being hypocritical and self-righteousness. Hypocritical people are people who say for example that they read their bible daily but do not do it.

Self-Righteous people are people for example who will read their bible daily then tell everyone how good he is, and he then will criticise you for not doing the same as him.

When we are judging others, we must remember that we are accountable for our judgments to Jesus Christ who will judge us in the last day (2 Timothy 4:1). We must get our minds back in order, standing firm, with the righteous judgments of God’s word and speaking His truth to a world that so desperately is in need of it now.


© Lorraine Goodwin through the Holy Spirit


For my Heavenly Father who I love with all my heart.

Written by Lorraine Goodwin 5/7/18



Praise be to the everlasting Lord!
For if it were not of my faith I would have no residence 
For I was formed from dust by my heavenly Father
Who watches over me, caring and providing for all my daily needs. He directs me on the right path to His righteousness and loves me unconditionally even though I am a sinner of this world. 
Praise be to the everlasting Lord!
He renews me each morning; His living waters flow thru me
And He gives me rest so that my mind is set and readied to focus on the day’s assignment
His mercy on me is graciously abundantly given by Him 
His words are like dew to my lips come daylight 
Praise be to the everlasting Lord!
And in my heart His kingdom reigns
Radiating light through His Holy Spirit to my outer surface
So all can see His glory shine
Praise be to the everlasting Lord! 
His words are mighty through this mouth
For no one can run from His truth; when spoken they plant His seed and flourish like a flower that blooms in the spring meadow
For the fragrance of His word is that of sweet honey 
For each taste leaves you craving for more
Praise be to the everlasting Lord!


© Lorraine Goodwin through the Holy Spirit

Laziness in the Church
A message from the Lord for the Body of Christ


So many of us are relaxed in our own lives, that we become comfortable in our daily routines. Changing ourselves is hard to overcome so we continue to repeat the same pattern over and over again. We, a society, a body of Christ, waits on others to do the work for us. This is not of His love. We know deep in our hearts that God wants us to change for His purpose but instead what are we doing? Sitting back and waiting on God to change us. This is not what He has asked of us to do. This goes against what God has planned for us. This now becomes our own selfiness. So why then do we continue in this routine? 

Change is hard. Discipline is hard. Not knowing the outcome allows us to tune out God’s voice. We slowly drift away from His purpose for us.We become laid back in our thinking and in our actions. We begin to put ourselves above others expecting them to do the work for us. This is self-righteousness. This is not of His love. Good works begins with us-individually. Daily spending time with our Heavenly Father getting to know who He is and what He is asking of us. Listening to His voice as we are maturing and becoming Christ-like into Him.

We as a body of Christ need to lean in to each other more now in these end times. We need to listen more, pray more, act more and to build each other up more. We can not allow our foundation on which Christ has built for us and of our own church to crumble and fail. We need unity in the church not division. We need a revision. We need support of each other. We need to step out of our comfort zones, our own laziness and step up to the plate with Christ and stop with the pity party. Nothings handed you on a silver platter. Laziness is not an action of God but of your choice. This is not of His love. You have to put the work in yourself not God.

Are you willing to make this change? Are you willing to be a team player? Are you willing to work for the provisions of God’s kingdom? It’s time to wake up church. It’s time to do what God is asking of you. Will you listen to Him? Will you act? Or will you continue to be lazy?


© Lorraine Goodwin through the Holy Spirit


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