Prophetic Corner

And we dance when I worship you something happens as I dance

I close my eyes when I open them

Everyone around me disappears, and I’m in the throne room.The fathers seated on the throne.

I can’t believe my eyes, am I really here? But I dance, dance for my king and I sing, sing for my king
then all of a sudden something amazing happens hundreds of angels surround me.

They copy every movement I make. And we dance,

all of us at once almost simultaneously.

as we dance I can hear this amazing sound,I have never heard before.

As I turn to look I can see the angels wings near me moving.
I realize the sound is the angels wings fluttering as we dance.

Then I hear this beautiful sound of praise coming out of the angels.

I have never heard such a beautiful sound,they sing so beautifully.


Jesus stands up.

Oh my, I can’t even believe whats happening. Is this really happening, am I dreaming?

Jesus starts to walk toward me. The room go’s silent everyone stops were all completely still.
You can hear a pin drop. The father takes my hand,our eyes lock, And we dance.

My heart starts to pound my pulse is racing. It feels as if my heart is going to leap out of my chest.

The angels begin to shout the most beautiful shout of praise I have ever heard.

Jesus smile the biggest smile I have ever seen.

But he never looks away.

It’s as if I’m thee only one in the room .

Our eye are locked. His eyes are so beautiful .

My soul begins to shake in the presence my God.

But some how it doesn’t affect my dancing.

I never want to leave this place.

Everything is more beautiful then I have ever seen before.
Every sound is like nothing I have ever heard.

Every thought blows my mind.

As the fathers thoughts of love come blowing towards my heart like a violate rushing wind right into my heart .

It floods deep into my deepest parts of my soul completely overtaking me.

Taking out every man made thought, feeling or pain.

It starts to get hard to stand as the father’s love surrounds me, like a thick cloud.

His glory fills the room.

All of a sudden we are all screaming Jesus !!! the glory cloud is so thick all I can see is the fathers eyes.

But we dance anyway.

This is why I love to dance. Every time I dance I am taken to this place of total surrender.
Here in the father courts, me and Jesus.

Where everything that’s hurt me falls at the feet of Jesus.
And we dance, and I’m safe.

Safer than I have ever been,

and I know no matter what happens in my life .


I’m completely lost in the fathers love.

So I will dance, dance with my king king Jesus oh how he loves us.

And I love him, thank you Jesus for your love .

By Liz


Jesus I love you,

Jesus I love you,

 thank you Jesus for using me more and more everyday .

For filling me everyday setting me on fire,

bigger and bigger every second.

Closer and closer to you until. I can feel your heart beat against my chest.

Than the fire from your heart will completely overtake me .
It will wipe away all my desires until everything and everyone

around me is gone,and its just me and Jesus.

This is where I live for the rest of my life.

I live and breath only Jesus.

Every breath I take creates the fire of God consuming my entire being.
It overtakes me touching every living thing around It,

because Jesus is stronger than anything that would try to come near it.
The fire of God burns away completely
destroying everything that would dare to come against the name of Jesus.
The only thing that remains is

Jesus,Yeshua,Jehovah-Jireh- provider

Jehovah-Rapha- healer

Jehovah-Nissi – the lord our banner
the alpha and omega
the beginning and the end

the first and the last
the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob
the God of Abraham-a man extraordinary in faith
the God of Isaac- an ordinary man
the God of Jacob- an evil crafty man
the Lord of all over extraordinary,over normal people and over evil

and over me his child.
Thank Jesus for being my lord of all.
Forever I get to be with you

in death and in life forever.

I love you more than I have words to express.

Use me, fill me,

destroy me for your sake.

All my will,all my desires are in you.
Do whatever it takes for me to be face to face, breath to breath,

heart to heart.
Until we are as one heart beat.
One thought , two brains working as one.

Two body’s working together to raise up a generation for Christ.
That is willing to lay down their life for him.




A letter to someone I love.

A letter to someone I love

your pain has cut so deep,your heart is exposed.

It’s ripped wipe open.

Satan torments you with our past.

All you feel is pain.

Your just trying to keep you head above water, but your sinking.

Our past has become chains around your ankles.

Making it impossible to stay above water.

You’ve grown weaker over the years, your tired.

I can see Jesus coming toward  you.

He say take my hand come back to me.

I will take your pain.

I will take it all please come back to me.

My soul weeps, because of your pain.

Please take my hand, I love you my child.

Satan curls up in ball, covering his eyes at the site of Jesus coming toward you.

He knows he can’t win, once you take his hand.

He whispers lies to you to get you to not reach out and grab his hand.

Please take the fathers hand.

God will take your pain away.

He will set you free.

Just ask him to forgive you, for walking away.

Than ask him to come back in your life.

He loves you, Hes waiting on you.

Take his hand, let him set you free.

Thank you Jesus you’ve come to set the captive free. 



I am 

I am undone… because of Jesus.

I am anointed … because of Jesus.

I am completely shaken with holy fire …. because of Jesus.
I am forgiven… because of Jesus.

I am broken…yet whole.

I am set apart to only belong to the great I am.

I have no more fear, no more pain,no more sorrow.

Only broken chains of shame.

I am broken in the best way, broken in Jesus.

I am forever accepted

I am forever loved

Never forgotten

Never destroyed by the enemy, cause I have Jesus.

Thank you Lord for rescuing me.

I can never repay you for everything you have done for me,
but all I can say is

I love you!!!



Jesus set me free


My heart aches for you,to touch you.

My soul is shaking inside,i wonder if anyone can see.

The fire of God shakes my entire being.

How can one person take such shaking,so much fire.

My brain says stop!!!

My soul and spirit says more Lord,more!!!

Who cares if it kills me.

I need to touch my daddy’s hand.

I need to kiss his feet.

Wash his feet with my tears ,like the women with the alabaster box.
I’ve been set free from a life time of pain.

Pain so deep I was numb.

The only thing I could feel, is pain and suffering.

I wondered if I would ever feel anything else.

Than I heard a voice, that sweet sweet voice I yearned for.

That’s the voice I stopped hearing because of my unforgiveness .

It said forgive them they know not what they do.

I must forgive, not because they deserve to be forgiven, but because God forgave me.

Now I feel only love, no more pain, no more shame.

All I feel is Jesus.

And I am shaken with holy fire.

If my soul had a mouth it would be screaming Jesus!!
As loud as it can.

Not because it hurts but because I am free from hurt.

Now I have to tell everyone theirs a way out.

Satan thought he had me.

He thought I had been destroyed for good.

But when Jesus walked in the room.

Satan ran screaming for his life.

Thank you Jesus, you set me free.

And now I will worship you for the rest of eternity.

I must tell everyone I meet Jesus set me free.




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